Live by Choice

Not by Chance

A Guru Purnima event with
Swami A. Parthasarathy

July 18 6.30 pm (IST)

An opportunity to delve deeper into your personality

In this one hour session, world renowned philosopher Swami. A. Parthasarathy analyses the basis for our choices and their repercussions in different aspects of life. Further expounds the technique to achieve lasting prosperity and peace.

Choices are either led by reason or impulse.

How do you choose?

Get to know your personality tendencies nature

You need to understand yourself before you choose your course of action.

Lead yourself to success

With its essential components: concentration, consistency, cooperation.

Guru Purnima

In this one hour session, Swami Parthasarathy will turn your attention within your personality. Identify the process through which you make choices. Master the technique to gain peace and prosperity.

Meet the speaker

Swami A. Parthasarathy

“You make yourself, you mar yourself. You are the architect of your fortune, the architect of your misfortune.”

– A. Parthasarathy

Live by Choice Not by Chance


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